Do Sports, Protect Nature, Save Your Future

Sponafu project is an Erasmus + Sports Project carried out under the Coordination of Sports Ambassadors Association (TR), in the partnership of Municipality of Lousada (PT), Trames Onlus (IT), Ayuntamiento Los Guajares (ES), Sport association of Slovenske Konjice (SI). “Sponafu” aims to increase the awareness of children and young people about

Active Youth, Healthy Old Age!

The project is a joint initiative of European youth-sports organizations that aim to combat young European citizens with low physical activity rates and sedentary lifestyle, aiming to encourage healthy living by gaining them a physical mobility habit in these years. The project is built on the results, the legacy of successful youth sports


Our project will address many issues for KIN-BALL sport. It will also address issues such as racism, gender equality, and justice. Awareness of the participating youth towards these concepts will also increase. During sports activities, physical, mental and psychological development will be provided. Refugees will be integrated into society and

Play This Game: Mixed Football for Children

Project promoted and encouraged participation in sport and physical activity among school-age children by implementing mixed football. We created for the first-time rules and criteria for the selection of children in mixed football applicable within football federations but also by sports teachers in primary schools.


This project is innovative mainly for its content, which brings together three variables that are not usually worked together: sport, economy and sustainable development.


There are growing rates of physical inactivity and sedentarism in the world. the lockdowns caused by Covid-19 only aggravated the problems of sedentary lifestyle that have a huge impact on younger generations who are at particular risk.