The project is a joint initiative of European youth-sports organizations that aim to combat young European citizens with low physical activity rates and sedentary lifestyle, aiming to encourage healthy living by gaining them a physical mobility habit in these years. The project is built on the results, the legacy of successful youth sports initiatives and European Youth Sports Forum 2017.

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    • 22-08-2022
    • health, old age, sport, youth exchange

Active Youth, Healthy Old Age!

The methodology of the youth exchange is mainly based on Education through Sports, a non-formal branch of education, which is widely developed. Education through sport is a method of developing core competences in various aspects of life using physical activities and sport. Project coordinators are familiar with this methodology as they take part in many relevant training courses and contribute to the realization of similar youth exchanges. Sport and outdoor activities will raise awareness on health-related issues and will be utilised as a medium for developing mutual respect, understanding, tolerance and teamwork. With the implementation of the training methodology through sport, sports activities become a platform for getting soft skills and competences that contribute to the employability of young people. These methods will be applied in the afternoon sports activities to provide the day-long learning process together with the morning workshops that will show us theoretical inputs. Feedback after each activity is part of the method, as it helps participants reflect the learning process and learning outcomes.

“Active Youth, Healthy Old Age!” project’s main objectives:

– developing the skills and capacities of young people to become more active, sporting and health-conscious European citizens;

– raising awareness of the importance of active life among young people and the indispensability of being healthy;

– making young people examples of healthy and active life in their environment;

– introducing EU sports policy objectives and Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) concepts, thus bringing young people closer to EU sports policy;

– encouraging young people to engage in voluntary activities at sporting events;

– providing more opportunities for young people through non-formal education on sport and encouraging young people to participate in sporting events;

– enabling young people to understand that a healthy youth means a healthy old age.

The objectives of the project correspond to some of the priorities of the Erasmus + Program in both youth and sports. In fact, we want to raise awareness of the close relationship of our initiatives with youth and sports policies. The Erasmus + KA1 Youth Exchange offers young people a perfect framework for improving health and sports initiatives. Thus, as indicated in many EU policy documents, we demonstrate that sports and outdoor activities can contribute to the personal development of young people.

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