This project is innovative mainly for its content, which brings together three variables that are not usually worked together: sport, economy and sustainable development.

The title of this project is Running for Green Development at Local Level (RunDEAL). It makes reference to the new European Green Deal and its link with sport. The general objective of the project (according to the topic of the call proposals) is to support the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers, and staff of non-profit sports organizations. For this achievement, the project has the specific goal of promoting the mobility of athletes and volunteers for the promotion of transnational sports activities linked to mountain running that enable green economic development to small municipalities, facing with greater guarantees, the economic crisis that COVID-19 generates. For that purpose, this project is formed by a multidisciplinary team from the point of view of the academy (AUEB), the public administration (municipality of Pego and City Council of Reguengos de Monsaraz), and Sports Ambassadors Association (Spor Elcilen Dernegi) will participate in the elaboration of a green development strategy at local level based on mountain running. Furthermore, this project is aligned with the economic dimension of sport of the European Union Work Plan for Sport (2017-2020).


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