Sponafu project is an Erasmus + Sports Project carried out under the Coordination of Sports Ambassadors Association (TR), in the partnership of Municipality of Lousada (PT), Trames Onlus (IT), Ayuntamiento Los Guajares (ES), Sport association of Slovenske Konjice (SI). “Sponafu” aims to increase the awareness of children and young people about environmental cleanliness and recycling through nature sports.


Physical activity is important for all ages and contributes positively to physical and mental well-being.
At home, going to work/school, or during leisure time, try to be an active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle by using your bicycle.
Learn more about sport and sustainability through the SpoNaFu project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme (https://www.facebook.com/Sponafu-114986977345736)

Benefits of Outdoor sports

Outdoors physical activity can help a lot and has many benefits associated, compared with indoor training. Training outdoors will improve your productivity, creativity, motivation, will make you happier, gives you a bigger sense of freedom, will allow you to reduce stress and the only cost associated with this is your time and energy. Outdoor physical activity is a great way to get in shape and help nature as well. Just remember to always stay hydrated.

The Problem

With technology addiction (social media, internet, TV) among children and adolescents, the state of being physically active in children and adolescents disappears. Many diseases in young people and children who are away from sportive activities are caused by physical inactivity. In addition, children and young people in this situation stay away from nature and the environment and lack the love of nature and the environment, and stay away from the consciousness of nature protection.

The Solution

The main purpose of our project within the framework of the above explanations;
With the developing technology, computer, tablet, the internet, and smartphone have taken an important place in our lives. Every segment of society, especially young people and children, has moved from a lively lifestyle to a sedentary lifestyle compared to the past. As a result, young people experience sociological, psychological, and physiological problems. We aim to emphasize the importance of nature sports and eliminate these addictions to eliminate these negativities and improve their health. We want to inform young people about nature protection, create awareness about nature and actively participate in nature sports (Orienteering, Trekking, Camping, Bicycle) activities and emphasize the importance of Nature Sports in combating technology addiction. In addition, it is among our goals to create an awareness of nature protection within the framework of these sports activities.

What’s it?

Sustainability is defined in four aspects in the Maastricht Agreement (European Union Agreement) as follows:

What are they?

• To improve and protect the environmental quality
• To protect human health
• To ensure the careful and rational use of natural resources
• To address and evaluate all regional or universal environmental problems at the international level.

What we do

With the SpoNaFu project, we will provide environmental education in primary and high schools, we will gain the habit of doing outdoor sports, and we will create awareness of the waste collection. We will achieve the goals of the European Union both to combat the sedentary lifestyle and to a sustainable environment.

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